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Day of Coordinating

It's the ability for you and your family to enjoy the day without having to worry about the big or little things. 

Info and Pricing 

 I live my life with lists and organization. I care about the smallest details and work very hard at whatever task I do. My husband says I'm too bossy, but I think it's a great leadership quality, especially when you want perfection on your wedding day. If it's important to you, it's important to me! After months of planning between you and your family, a day of coordination allows everyone to be present and enjoy the day to its fullest. Yes, your aunt or uncle is more than willing to help and bless them for that. But, it's one day. One day to celebrate, be present, and truly enjoy what everyone came together for. It's hard to really enjoy something when your mind is focused on a bunch of different tasks. Day of coordination ensures everyone that you have chosen to be part of your day can truly live in the moment with you. 

5 hour package - $625

8 hour package - $925

Travel fees apply additionally.


If you're interested or have questions, let's chat!


call or text 403-895-4349


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